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Intelligent Semiconductor Business

Manufacturing Business

Our intelligent semiconductor manufacturing business involves five stages, namely product planning, product design and development, prototype production, mass production as well as delivery and after-sales services.

Our workflow could be initiated by a customer who, directly or through our agent, requests us to assist it in fulfilling particular functional specifications of the end-product it manufactures, or at our own development initiatives to introduce new products that might be of interest to our existing or potential customers to deploy into their end-products so that they could stay abreast of the latest developments in technology.

Trading Business

We are engaged in trading of semiconductors sourced from suppliers to complement sales of our self-manufactured products.

We assist our customers in fulfilling most of the semiconductors they require in their solution kits. We usually try to fulfil the solution kits first from our existing self-manufactured products. Upon request of our customers, we will also assist them in sourcing from suppliers any parts or components outstanding from the solution kits.