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Company Profile

Brainhole Technology Limited (“Brainhole Tech”) intends to explore and source the world's leading technologies, and become the world's leading provider of technology products and intelligent solutions to serve the public’s well being and enhance their life quality at home and community.

With the vision of becoming a leading smart communication infrastructure based cloud service provider,  Brainhole Tech mainly covers and offers products and solutions surrounding the theme of smart home, smart community, and smart city, including but not limited to intellectual communication devices and applications, for security purpose software and hardware, and so on.

Meanwhile, Brainhole Tech also has the discrete semiconductor production business line, for the application of intelligent consumer semiconductor electronic devices. The products are composed of four types of discrete semiconductor products, including diode, triode, rectifier and surge absorber, mainly used in consumer and industrial portable electronic products manufactured by OEM / ODM manufacturers of South Korea and China's leading consumer electronics brands, such as mobile phone, monitor, LED TV, portable electronic devices, power equipment and various transport interface. Customers are all over the world, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Europe and America, etc.

The capability and reliability of providing high quality products and services have earned Brainhole Tech a very good reputation. Brainhole Tech is always committed to providing its customers more value-added solutions, prompt supporting services, smart engineering solutions, and comprehensive customer services. This commitment in turn becomes the main driving force of Brainhole Tech’s further growth. Brainhole Tech has been equipped with advanced technologies on its production lines, and accumulated sufficient knowledge and expertise, thus Brainhole Tech can always customize to satisfy different customers’ different needs.